DolorClast High Power Laser

Our dedication to patient care

At Cornwall Podiatry, our team uses High Power Laser to reduce pain without the need for anti-inflammatories and pain relieving medication and to accelerate our patients’ journey from getting back from injury to doing what they love.

The main reason we have invested in DolorClast High Power Laser is to enhance the comfort level whilst treating patients with Radial ShockWave Therapy. Together they form part of the world-leading combination therapy approach to treating musculoskeletal pathologies called Guided DolorClast Therapy.

What is High Power Laser Therapy?

High Power Laser Therapy is a safe and effective treatment used to treat superficial and deep injuries, manage painful symptoms and reduce swelling and inflammation in the joints and muscles.

What conditions can be treated?

Our clinical team use it to successfully treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions not limited to:

  • Heel pain e.g. plantar fasciitis
  • Tendon Injuries e.g. Achilles tendinitis/tendinopathy
  • Muscular aches and pains e.g. Calf strain, pulled hamstring
  • Ankle injuries
  • Osteoarthritis and joint pains in the hips, knees, ankle, hands and feet
  • Post surgical swelling following hip & knee joint replacements, and foot surgery

What does it do?

High Power Laser administers a 905nm wavelength for immediate pain relief, decreases acute inflammation and accelerates tissue repair. It is 15 times more powerful than conventional low power lasers, reaching deep into the tissues. It also has a short pulse duration of 100ns to keep the treated area below the thermal threshold which avoids risk of burns to our patients.

It is most useful when combined with other therapeutic modalities

High Power Laser is often combined with some or all of the following therapies to optimise the outcome of treatment:

  • Exercise prescription
  • Customised foot orthoses
  • Foot Mobilisation Therapy
  • Radial ShockWave Therapy

If you are suffering from pain or injury then book a consultation with one of our expert clinicians who can diagnose your issue and get you back to pain-free living.

No Opioids. No Sedatives. No Pain.

Musculoskeletal injuries are described by patients as highly painful, especially in their acute phase.

Unfortunately opioid medications or sedatives are still too often prescribed despite the risk of adverse events.

To avoid any addictive form of pain management, EMS has developed the DolorClast® High Power Laser to offer a non-invasive, effective yet safe solution to patients suffering from acute phase or those having a low-tolerance threshold of pain.

DolorClast High Power Laser's 905nm wavelength triggers two main types of effects in the targeted area:


Kicking in 5min after the end of laser treatment and lasting up to 72h.


Decreasing acute inflammation from the first treatment session. Thus leading to a quick absorption of the oedema and a faster healing process of the damaged tissue.

The “magic” lies deep inside our pain nerve fibres. 905nm laser works on the nerves depleting a neurotransmitter Substance P which transmits pain to our spinal cord.

No Substance P - No nerve pain!

Also reducing mast cell activity, which reduces prostaglandin & histamine levels, thus reducing cell irritation & tissue damage. Reducing Neurogenic Inflammation

Less neurogenic inflammation = less nerve pain = less inflammation etc.etc.

Mirroring the effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) without exposing you to side effects.

Helping you heal quicker!

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Stephen Bloor

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