Musculoskeletal Podiatry

A postural & functional approach to lower-limb pain

Our assessment of your standing, walking & running is based around the philosophy that there are ideal parameters for 'normal'.

We look for dysfunctions from the norm. Asymmetrical patterns of standing and moving, all the time recognising that everyone is subtly different. 

Clinical podiatric biomechanics is the study of how mechanical forces affect human tissues throughout stance & gait.

Our 'biomechanical assessments' are really orthopaedic tests of joint and bone positions & movements, as well as muscle testing for length and strength in the lower-limb.

Biomechanics involves assessing the forces affecting the lower-limb from the ground up, as well as  the internal forces of tensegrity within the musculoskeletal system from the core down.

Our treatment is focussed on helping to rehabilitate you so you can return to optimal function as soon as possible.

Using a combination of stretching & strengthening exercises, mobilisation & manipulation of joints and soft tissues, taping, Radial ShockWave Therapy, DolorClast High Power Laser, Low Level Laser Therapy, proprioceptive feedback retraining, and insoles & orthotics.

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