Pain stops you being yourself

Preventing you doing the things you like

We use our many years of experience to identify the problem, find it's cause and present you with options to fix it, so you can get back to enjoying life again

Routine Podiatry & Diabetic Foot Problems

Common Skin & nail pathologies we treat:


Corns & Calluses with skilled debridement

Dry anhidrotic skin removed with Modern PodoSpray nail & skin drill

Verrucas & Warts with a variety of treatments including the most effective Swift Microwave Therapy

Thickened deformed nails with comfortable & effective PodoSpray Drill

Ingrown Toenails with skilled nail resection or surgical removal under Local Anasthaetic

Ulcers & wound dressing using the latest modern dressings which promote wound healing

Sterile instruments utilising the latest in-clinic high temperature autoclave sterilising machines

Footwear advice we believe in assessing the cause and advising on footwear improvements as well as pain-relieving insoles

Foot hygiene & preventative advice we can help you optimise your foot health for a pain free future

And many more......

Musculoskeletal Foot, Ankle & Leg problems we treat

It’s mechanical right??


Pain in the first toe like Arthritis, Hallux Rigidus & Bunions

Pain in the ball of the foot (Metatarsalgia) including Joint capsulitis and Morton's Neuroma

Arch & Heel pain like Plantar Fasciitis (fasciosis), Calcaneal Bursitis etc

Mid-foot pain particularly linked to Cuboid Syndrome and Dorsal Compression Syndromes

Ankle pain often due to excessive Heel Pronation or Ankle Sprains

Shin pain usually called Shin Splints, which includes a variety of different conditions

Knee pain is often linked to poor foot function and hip instability & includes many types of Anterior Knee Pain

Thigh & hip pain like Trochanteric Bursitis, greater trochanter syndrome & Ilio-Tibial Band Friction Syndrome can sometimes be associated with poor gait and therefore helped by podiatry

Lumbar & sacral back pain (working along with your back specialist)

And many more......

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