Pain stops you being yourself.
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Foot, Ankle & Leg Problems we Treat:

Pain in the first toe like Arthritis, Hallux Rigidus & Bunions

Pain in the ball of the foot (Metatarsalgia) including Joint capsulitis and Morton's Neuroma

Arch & Heel pain like Plantar Fasciitis (fasciosis), Calcaneal Bursitis etc

Mid-foot pain particularly linked to Cuboid Syndrome and Dorsal Compression Syndromes

Ankle pain often due to excessive Heel Pronation or Ankle Sprains

Shin pain usually called Shin Splints, which includes a variety of different conditions

Knee pain is often linked to poor foot function and hip instability & includes many types of Anterior Knee Pain

Thigh & hip pain like Trochanteric Bursitis & Ilio-Tibial Band Friction Syndrome can sometimes be associated with poor gait and therefore helped by podiatry

Lumbar & sacral back pain (working along with your back specialist)

And many more......

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We believe in optimising gait & rehabilitation